Transition to Teaching Program


Licensed teachers lead to better student outcomes. Help your educators get certified affordably with MathTrack Institute's Alternative Certification Program — while they work in your classrooms.


You are not alone.

Math teachers are increasingly hard to find, forcing more and more schools to fill their math teacher positions with paraprofessionals and unqualified, unlicensed educators.

MathTrack Institute’s math-specific Transition to Teaching Program is designed to meet the needs of both schools and future math teachers. Candidates complete program requirements while they work, providing a streamlined solution that helps you fill positions at your school today, with a plan to keep them there tomorrow.

Transition to Teaching
Alternative certification program

Why MathTrack Institute?

MathTrack’s program is one of the most efficient and effective ways to get your teachers licensed. It’s a self-paced, online program designed to be completed in 12–15 months.

Personalized support means you always have someone on your side, committed to helping your teachers finish and get their license.

What are the requirements to reach licensure?

Online courses

Courses cover classroom safety, instructional design, special education, student data, and more. These meet state and national requirements for teacher training so future teachers from any background are on a path for learning teaching skills. Self-paced, online courses make it possible for candidates to complete assignments on their own time.



Candidates complete coursework and apply what they learn to hone their teaching skills through hands-on classroom experiences. Their mentor teacher is an experienced educator from your school, and classroom observations mean they get essential feedback to help them improve. The first course in the program is required before residency can begin.


State tests

Our program provides multiple levels of support, including one-to-one math tutoring, so candidates can pass the required math content and pedagogy tests and qualify for licensure by the time they graduate.

How to get started:

Our dedicated experts help you find the right candidates to enroll, and also identify funding to cover their program costs.

Step 1: Find the right candidate(s)

Do you have non-degreed paraprofessionals or others on your staff who have not yet completed their bachelor’s degree? You might not realize it, but these passionate educators can be your next great math teachers! MathTrack experts will help you identify ideal candidates hiding in plain sight. We can help!

Step 2: Candidates apply

This step should only take about 15 minutes to complete. A dedicated success coach works with each candidate to help them understand how the program works and get them started.

Step 3: Identify funding

MathTrack has several funding sources to cover program costs for candidates. Contact us for more information on funding opportunities.

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“THANK YOU for helping get Zach enrolled in this program. He is a phenomenal new teacher!”


— Jessica Jones, Assistant Superintendent


Great schools are using MathTrack to fill math positions.