Flexible pathways
for your paraprofessionals


No bachelor’s? No problem! Unleash the potential of your working educators through MathTrack Institute’s Teaching Apprenticeship.


What is MathTrack Institute’s Teaching Apprenticeship Program?

Our innovative, job-embedded program is designed to empower educators to complete a bachelor’s degree while they teach. It’s ideal for paraprofessionals or individuals with an emergency math teaching license who want to become fully degreed and credentialed teachers but haven’t been able to complete their coursework through a traditional university program.

MathTrack Institute (MTI) removes the main obstacles to earning a bachelor’s degree, including high costs, rigid scheduling, and in-person requirements. Our flexible, earn-and-learn model creates accessible, inclusive pathways to teacher licensure for the untapped talent that already exists in your schools.

Teacher apprenticeship program

The MathTrack Institute Teaching Apprenticeship Program offers:

  • an apprenticeship-based, earn-and-learn experience that works for your working educators
  • self-paced online coursework and asynchronous learning that lets your educators navigate to the coursework most applicable to their daily teaching curriculum
  • hands-on practice learning the mathematics content required by grade
  • instruction in the essential skills needed to teach any class from 5–12
  • a full degree earned in as little as 2 years

Your educators get individualized supports, including:

  • a dedicated success coach who helps students design their own customized learning pathways
  • one-to-one mathematics tutoring
  • an experienced mentor Teacher (from your school)
  • ongoing collaboration with other students
  • individualized feedback on assignments
  • preparation materials for Praxis licensure tests to ensure students complete all the requirements

The MathTrack Institute advantage



Your paraprofessionals can earn their bachelor’s degree while they work, thanks to a smart program design that allows for embedded, on-the-job training.

Rather than passively sitting through lectures, your paras will actively learn from experienced teachers while they earn their degree. Our earn-and-learn model ties their coursework directly to classroom teaching. So they’ll graduate with more than just a degree: they’ll have genuine teaching experience, and the confidence of having all the right tools and skills to help students master mathematics.



The entire bachelor’s degree costs less than a single year at many four-year colleges and universities. Plus, potential funding opportunities available through MathTrack can reduce these costs even further.


In our budget-friendly, job-embedded model, every tuition dollar stretches further because your paras are investing in a degree that pays them back as they progress. Plus, much of the theoretical groundwork is applied directly in real-world scenarios — meaning their education dollars are not just spent on abstract concepts, but on building a toolkit of experiences that will pay dividends in your classrooms. Many MTI students attend at a reduced cost or free, thanks to funding opportunities available through state and national scholarship programs.


Credit for Previous Experience

Your paraprofessionals may receive up to 30 credit hours for prior work experience, as well as credits transferred from previous coursework.



MathTrack works for you.

MathTrack Institute offers a streamlined solution to help you solve the Math teacher shortage in your school — now and for years to come.
- Offering a learn-and-earn, job-embedded pathway makes it much easier to recruit talent to fill your math teacher pipeline.
- MTI provides the essential ecosystem needed to quickly prepare great math teachers for classroom success.
- Our growth mindset approach to pedagogy and math content knowledge meet the specific, changing needs of today’s math educators. 
- At MTI, we’ve become experts in braided funding opportunities to cover the costs, allowing you to focus on enrolling the right people, not just those who can afford it.
- With MTI, you’ll always have a partner to offer supports for enrolled teachers — we’re committed to helping all your educators complete the program.
Apprenticeship-based Bachelor's Program


“I can’t thank you enough for the support you continue to show our district. MathTrack is truly a blessing for us, and we are very appreciative.”


Brent Comer, Superintendent


MathTrack works for math students.

If you want better outcomes in the classroom, having credentialed teachers is key.

According to research conducted by Johns Hopkins University, teachers trained through MathTrack Institute have higher students outcomes, on average, than other teachers. In one specific study, middle school students who received math instruction from a veteran teacher with six years of experience one year were instructed by a first-year MTI-trained teacher the following year.


The results were significant, particularly for lower-performing students. Higher growth was seen in students who started below the 40th percentile in achievement, suggesting a positive trajectory for MathTrack participants despite the notable experience gap between the two teachers.


How to get started:

Our dedicated experts help you find the right candidates to enroll, and also identify funding to cover their program costs.

Step 1: Find the right candidate(s)

Do you have non-degreed paraprofessionals or others on your staff who have not yet completed their bachelor’s degree? You might not realize it, but these passionate educators can be your next great math teachers! MathTrack experts will help you identify ideal candidates hiding in plain sight.

Step 2: Candidates apply

This step should only take about 15 minutes to complete. A dedicated success coach works with each candidate to help them understand how the program works and get them started.

Step 3: Identify funding

MathTrack has several funding sources to cover program costs for candidates. Contact us for more information on funding opportunities.

Great schools are using MathTrack to fill math positions.