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MathTrack’s Professional Development (PD) Program is asynchronous, comprehensive, and designed to help educators deepen their conceptual understanding of mathematical concepts and integrate STEM


Why MathTrack Institute's PD Program?

Improve math teacher quality

Our math-specific Professional Development Program upskills teachers with additional mathematical concept knowledge and innovative teaching methods. The result? Improved teaching quality and positive student outcomes.


Promote lifelong learning

Our PD Program brings to life the love of learning inherent to the calling of teaching. It’s a loud and clear message that you’re committed to continuous professional enhancement — because there’s always something new to learn, no matter your years of experience.


Attract and retain top talent

By offering our high-quality, math-specific PD Program, you can attract ambitious, forward-thinking teachers to your school, and retain your current outstanding staff. An investment in your teachers pays dividends for the future of your school.

Math professional development program

STEM Integration Specialist

Participating educators will unpack central mathematics topics to develop deep conceptual understanding. They will apply these concepts in their classrooms and use other STEM disciplines to make math concrete and develop overlapping skill sets while working with other local educators.


Boost student outcomes

Our program not only enhances teaching proficiency, it also aligns with the goal of improving student outcomes in math. Better-equipped teachers are set up for success in the classroom, allowing your students to thrive.

Enhanced mathematics instruction

Equip educators with the concept knowledge and skills they need to excel in teaching mathematics.



Increased license versatility

Provide an opportunity for your teachers to add math to their existing teaching license.



Adopt seamlessly with any curriculum

Our math PD Program integrates with any existing math curriculum, enhancing the experience for your teachers.


math professional development guide

BONUS Companion Guide

MathTrack's PD Program can be used independently or in a group setting as each course in MathTrack’s Professional Development Program includes a bonus companion guide!

This companion guide is designed to enhance your team’s learning experience by providing additional insights, tips, and exercises to further develop their understanding of the course material. 


MathTrack Institute’s Professional Development Program can count towards teacher licensure renewal.

MathTrack Institute’s Professional Development Program is innovative and flexible, designed to meet the unique needs of current and prospective math teachers. Developed by a recognized leader in mathematics education, our PD program leverages our expertise in mathematics content and instruction to create a transformative experience for educators who want to level up their skills in math education. Whether you want to focus on a particular math concept, teaching strategy, or a broader pedagogical approach, our innovative Professional Development Program offers the support your people need to excel in math instruction.

renew teaching license professional development
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“On behalf of MCS, I can't thank you enough for the support you continue to show our district. MathTrack is truly a blessing for us, and we are very appreciative.”


Brent Comer, Superintendent


Math professional development program 1
Professional development designed for today's math educators.
Math professional development program 2
Learn and practice foundational and advanced math content
Math professional development program 4

Equip educators with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in teaching mathematics.

Professional Development Certificate to renew teaching license
Earn certificates for completion to be used for licensure renewal credits.
Professional Development Program administrator view
Easily manage your staff and view their progress.

What to expect:

  • Instructional strategies designed for math teachers
  • Build deeper mathematics concept knowledge
  • Praxis 5165 content test preparation
  • Continuing education hours to renew teaching license
  • Adopts seamlessly with any curriculum
  • Flexible coursework every teacher will find beneficial
  • Bonus companion guide for each course
  • Easily manage your staff and view their progress


Onboarding is simple!

Our Professional Development program is available to anyone in your school with a single license.
Math professional development

Step 1

Start by sending your staff a unique school code to access their account, or invite your staff through your portal.

Step 2

Your staff explores content and pedagogy PD courses independently, or follows MathTrack Institute's pre-built sequences. You decide if PD should be independent, or you can use the included companion guides for synchronous development

Step 3

Your educators receive specialized training tailored to their unique needs as math educators and certificates for licensure renewal.

Get started with MathTrack Institute's Professional Development Program


 $1,500 for the first school annually*

$1,200 per STEM Integration Specialist

*Unlimited school employees at each site


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