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Whether your school has low math scores, underprepared math teachers, or anxiety about teaching math, MathTrack Institute solves your math problems


Our country has a math problem.

The national math teacher shortage is reaching a crisis point.

Math has seen a 38% enrollment decline in new math teacher preparation programs since 2012, and the problem continues to worsen. By 2030, it’s estimated that 128,500 unlicensed math teachers will fill classrooms across the United States.
Math teacher shortage
Innovative pathways to math licensure

MathTrack Institute is the solution.

We are an institution of higher education that provides training, development, and bachelor's degrees to support schools throughout the US to have expert mathematics teachers in every classroom.

Develop your math expertise.

Unlike other programs that offer a generic experience, MathTrack Institute offers unique programs that break the mold in math teacher training. We don't just seek those with content mastery—we’re dedicated to developing it, nurturing the understanding of math and pedagogy to help anybody become an inspiring math teacher.
Math teachers

No matter the background of a school’s staff, MathTrack Institute has a program for them.


Teacher Apprenticeships

Ideal for non-degreed paraprofessionals or educators who have completed some coursework toward a bachelor’s degree, this flexible program is designed to be finished in as little as two years — while working in the classroom. Graduates of this earn-and-learn program will have the skills and tools needed to teach mathematics in grades 5–12.


Transition to Teaching

Participants with a bachelor’s degree earn their math teaching license for grades 5–12, while completing a residency in this job-embedded program designed to be completed in 12–15 months.


Professional Development

Teachers who are already licensed become better educators in this math-focused Professional Development Program. This program can also be used to recruit future math teachers from your staff!


MathTrack's programs are based on our proprietary GROWTH Framework™ for Math Teacher Development.

GROWTH Framework
Math teacher pathways


“With MathTrack, it is easy to prepare new math teachers to be effective quickly.”


— Cristy Jordan, Principal


Great schools are using MathTrack to fill math positions.