Level up with a bachelor’s degree.


Unlock your potential with our innovative Apprenticeship-Based Bachelor’s Degree program, and work full-time while earning your degree through MathTrack Institute.


Finishing your bachelor's degree can be a real challenge

A bachelor’s degree is a requirement to becoming a fully licensed teacher, but completing the coursework can be a daunting uphill climb. For many dedicated educators, the route to a traditional bachelor’s degree is full of stumbling blocks. First, there’s the cost: A bachelor’s degree at a four-year university can cost as much as $100,000! Add to that rigid class schedules with in-person requirements, and stepping away from your job to earn the required degree can feel impossible.

apprenticeship-based bachelors degree for teachers

...but what if we could remove those barriers

By providing a pathway that flexes to meet you where you are, MathTrack Institute (MTI) allows you to earn your degree your way — without disrupting your day-to-day life. Our program is truly designed around you, including the ability to confer credits from previous university coursework as well as valuable work experience. You’ll also power up your daily teaching impact with learning you can apply in the moment. That means increased confidence for you and improved outcomes for your students.


With the MathTrack Bachelor’s Program, you’ll get:

  • an earn-and-learn experience through our innovative apprenticeship-based program
  • self-paced coursework and asynchronous learning that lets you navigate to the coursework you choose
  • hands-on practice learning the mathematics content you’ll be teaching
  • the essential skills you need to teach grades 5-12 mathematics
  • a dedicated success coach who will guide you every step of the way
  • a full degree earned in as little as 2 years

You’ll get individualized supports, including:

  • a dedicated success coach who will help you design your own customized learning pathway
  • one-to-one mathematics tutoring
  • an experienced mentor teacher (from your school)
  • ongoing collaboration with other students
  • individualized feedback on assignments
  • preparation materials for Praxis licensure tests — we’re with you until you pass!
apprenticeship-based bachelor's degree


“I have a desire to help kids in my community and working through the school was the most sensible way to have an impact.”


— Teacher candidate


The MathTrack Institute advantage: Practical, immersive, and designed with you in mind.

Dreaming of shaping young minds? Our Apprenticeship-Based Bachelor’s Degree is a practical pathway into a fulfilling teaching career.


You can earn your bachelor’s degree while you work, thanks to a smart program design that allows for embedded, on-the-job training.

Rather than passively sitting through lectures, you’ll actively learn from experienced teachers while you earn your degree — gaining hands-on experience while being paid for your time. Our earn-and-learn model means that every piece of coursework is tied directly to what you’re doing in the real world. So you’ll graduate with more than just a degree: you'll have a resume packed with genuine teaching experience, and the confidence that comes with having all the right tools and skills to help your students master mathematics.




The entire bachelor’s degree costs less than a single year at many four-year colleges and universities. Plus, potential funding opportunities available through MathTrack can reduce these costs even further.



Credit for Previous Experience

You may receive up to 30 credit hours for prior work experience, as well as credits transferred from previous coursework. That adds up to almost half of your total degree!

At MTI, we understand the practical value of your lived experience. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer up to 30 hours of credit for your work history, including previous teaching roles, mentorships, or any other relevant experience, as well as credits for past coursework. It’s our way of fast-tracking your progress and acknowledging your ongoing commitment to education.


What do you unlock with a bachelor’s degree?

A teaching career: A bachelor’s degree is required to become a fully licensed teacher.

Job security: Licensed math teachers are in high demand across the country, in all types of schools.

Increased pay: Level up your bank account, and go from an average of $13/hr as a paraprofessional to an average of $38k+ as a first-year teacher.

Summer pay: As a salaried teacher, you’ll get paid during the summer — even if you don’t teach summer school classes!

Health insurance: As a full-time teacher, you’ll be entitled to employer-provided quality health insurance for you and your family.

Retirement contributions: Most schools contribute to your retirement, for a more financially secure future.

apprenticeship-based bachelor's degree
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