MathTrack Professional Development Program Buyer's Guide

A Leader's Guide to Elevating Math Education with MathTrack Institute.


Introduction to MathTrack

Discover the unparalleled pathway to elevate math expertise within your school community through MathTrack Institute’s comprehensive educational offerings. Positioned at the forefront of math education innovation, MathTrack Institute is dedicated to enriching the learning journey of both educators and students. Our transformative programs, including the apprenticeship-based bachelor's degree, the transition to teaching program, and our specialized professional development (PD) courses, are meticulously designed to meet the evolving demands of today’s dynamic educational landscape.

Superintendent Brent Comer hails MathTrack as "truly a blessing" for his district, encapsulating the profound impact and appreciation that educational leaders have for the institute's dedication to excellence.

At MathTrack Institute, we believe in the power of exceptional teaching to unlock students' potential and ignite a lifelong passion for mathematics. Our commitment to high-quality instruction is evident in our flexible professional development courses, crafted by experts in mathematics education to foster a culture of continuous improvement and pedagogical mastery.

Whether you’re seeking to enhance the qualifications of your current educators or to invest in the next generation of math teachers, MathTrack Institute offers a clear and effective pathway to success. Join us as we delve deeper into the world-class programs that make MathTrack Institute the premier choice for schools aiming to cultivate a thriving environment of math expertise.

Professional Development Overview

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Professional Development Program

MathTrack Institute's Professional Development Program stands out as an innovative and flexible solution tailored to the needs of both current and future math teachers. Recognized for expertise in mathematics content and instruction, this program offers educators a transformative learning journey, with courses that seamlessly integrate into any existing math curriculum. It's not just about content mastery; it's about nurturing an understanding of math and pedagogy that transforms anyone into an inspiring math teacher. Furthermore, participation in the Professional Development Program can contribute towards teacher licensure renewal, adding practical value to an educator's career progression. Each course also includes a bonus companion guide loaded with additional insights, tips, and exercises to enhance the learning experience.

Why consider MathTrack Institute's PD Program?

  • Enhanced Teaching Proficiency: The program deepens mathematical knowledge and introduces innovative teaching methods to improve educators’ teaching quality.
  • Lifelong Learning Promotion: MathTrack’s PD Program embodies the continuous pursuit of professional growth, sending a strong message of commitment to excellence in education.
  • Positive Student Performance: By aligning teaching enhancements with student success goals, the program ensures that educators’ professional development translates into higher student achievement.
  • Increased Engagement: Teachers are encouraged to rekindle their passion for learning, fostering a vibrant, growth-minded educational environment.
  • Ease of Access: The flexible structure of the PD Program allows teachers to engage with the material in a way that fits their individual schedules and to pause and resume the program as needed.

Integrate with your existing process

MathTrack Institute's Professional Development Program is both innovative and tailored to fill the gaps in a teacher’s mathematical and pedagogical knowledge. It can be used independently or collaboratively in group settings, offering educators the chance to enhance their expertise without overhauling the school's current curriculum. The program's flexible structure allows teachers to engage with material in a manner that fits their schedules, enabling them to pause and resume their learning as needed.

By integrating with any existing math curriculum, the PD program enriches the educational experience without creating additional workload or conflicting with existing teaching methods. The bonus companion guides that accompany each course provide additional support and resources, allowing for a deeper dive into complex concepts and further aligning with the needs of both schools and future math teachers.

Companion Guides

The MathTrack Institute's Professional Development Program features a unique component designed to enhance the educational experience of educators: Bonus Companion Guides. These guides accompany each course and offer several notable benefits.


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Step-by-Step Guide to Utilizing Bonus Companion Guides:

 Step 1: Access Companion Guides

  • After enrolling in a Professional Development course, locate the Bonus Companion Guide (click here for a sample) that accompanies the course materials. The guide is an integral part of the learning experience and is easily accessible within the course platform.

 Step 2: Dive into Additional Insights

  • Begin by exploring the companion guide, which provides a deeper dive into the course content. These guides are packed with bonus insights, tips, and exercises specifically developed to complement and enhance the course material.

 Step 3: Apply Practical Exercises

  • Utilize the exercises and actionable tips from the companion guide to bring theoretical concepts into the classroom. These practical applications are intended to help educators reinforce their knowledge and improve student engagement and understanding.

 Step 4: Facilitate Group Learning

  • Incorporate the Bonus Companion Guides into group professional development sessions. The guides are designed for flexibility, allowing for both individual and group settings, making them a versatile tool for any school's professional development strategy.

 Step 5: Align with Curriculum

  • The guides are structured to synchronize seamlessly with any existing math curriculum, enhancing the overall teaching and learning experience without necessitating significant changes to current lesson plans.

 Step 6: Track and Reflect on Progress

  • The companion guides provide a structure for educators to track their progress through the course and reflect on their learning, ensuring that they can measure the impact of their professional development on their teaching practice.

 Benefits of Bonus Companion Guides:

  • Enhanced Understanding: The guides offer a richer understanding of course content, allowing educators to master complex concepts more effectively.
  • Practical Application: Exercises and tips provide opportunities to apply learning in real-world teaching scenarios, leading to direct benefits in the classroom.
  • Flexible Learning: Designed to fit within educators’ busy schedules, the guides can be used anytime, enhancing the convenience of professional development.
  • Community Engagement: When used in group settings, the guides facilitate discussions and collaborative learning among educators, strengthening the school community’s professional development culture.
  • Curricular Integration: The guides are created to align with any curriculum, ensuring that the new strategies and knowledge complement and enhance current teaching methods.

By leveraging these Bonus Companion Guides, MathTrack Institute ensures that professional development is not only theoretically profound but also practically invaluable, providing educators with the resources they need to excel in their teaching roles.


To successfully onboard your school staff into MathTrack Institute's PD Program, follow this step-by-step guide which outlines the process from account creation to program access:

Step 1: Access your Portal after payment has been received

Step 2: Distribute Access Codes or Invite via Portal

  • Begin by providing your staff with a unique school code specifically generated for your institution. This code will grant them access to create their account.
  • Alternatively, you can send invitations directly to your staff through your school's portal.

 Step 2: Explore and Engage with the Coursework

  • Once your staff members have created their accounts, they can start exploring the content and pedagogy PD courses available.
  • They have the option to navigate the courses independently, at their own pace, or they can follow recommended sequences provided by MathTrack Institute.
  • You, as the administrator, can decide if PD should be conducted independently, or if you prefer to include companion guides for synchronous group development.

 Step 3: Receive Specialized Training and Earn Certificates

  • Educators will receive specialized training tailored to their unique needs as math educators.
  • On completion of specific PD courses, educators will earn certificates that can be used for licensure renewal, thereby maintaining their qualifications and endorsing their professional development.

 Step 4: Manage and Monitor Progress

  • Through the school portal, you can easily manage your staff's accounts and view their progress.
  • This enables you to support your educators' journey by offering guidance where necessary and celebrating their achievements.

Pricing and Funding


MathTrack Institute offers a straightforward pricing structure for individual schools or multiple campuses in the same account. Here's a clear breakdown of the available options:

  • First School License: For the first school, the cost of the Professional Development Program is $1,500. This allows unlimited access for all school employees at the site.
  • Additional School License: Each additional school can gain unlimited access for their employees at a cost of $900.


MathTrack Institute fully understands the importance of making professional development affordable and accessible for schools and educators. To assist with this, MathTrack has become adept at navigating various funding sources that can cover program costs for candidates, helping schools focus on enrolling the right individuals. Here are some of the funding options that schools can explore to support their educators' professional growth:

  •  Title II Funds
    • Professional Development: Title II funds, part of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), are allocated for professional development of teachers and principals. Schools can use these funds to enroll educators in MathTrack's PD courses for licensure renewal or skill enhancement.
  • Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Funds (ESSER)
    • Pandemic Response and Preparedness: ESSER funds are provided to address the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on education. Schools can allocate these funds for teacher training programs that adapt to new teaching challenges and methodologies, making MathTrack's PD programs a suitable investment.
  • Community Foundations
    • Local Grants and Scholarships: Many community foundations offer grants and scholarships targeted toward educational initiatives. Schools can apply for these local funds to subsidize the cost of MathTrack's specialized training programs.
  • Workforce Boards
    • Workforce Development: Workforce development boards often have funds earmarked for training and development, particularly in high-need areas like education. Schools can collaborate with these boards to access funds for programs that transition professionals into teaching roles or enhance the skills of current educators.
  • Additional Funding Opportunities
    • Braided Funding Opportunities: MathTrack's expertise in braided funding helps to combine different sources of financial support, thereby maximizing the funds available for educator development programs.
    • State and National Scholarship Programs: Many students attend MathTrack Institute at a reduced cost or for free, thanks to various scholarship programs available at state and national levels.
    • Educational Dollars: Funds allocated for education can be invested in MathTrack's programs to create a toolkit of experiences that will benefit teachers' careers.

Schools interested in exploring these funding options should reach out to MathTrack for detailed information on how to apply for and manage these financial resources. By utilizing these funding streams, schools can ensure that their educators receive high-quality professional development without the financial burden, ultimately contributing to the improvement of educational outcomes for students.


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Investing in professional development through MathTrack Institute is a step towards a brighter future for your educators and students alike. Elevate the standard of math education in your school and see the difference a well-equipped, supported and confident math teacher can make.


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